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Do you find it challenging to ensure that the mold maker you choose is the right fit for your specific needs? Onemold is here to revolutionize your mold-making experience. We will ensure that you get the right tool that will optimize your business for big gains.

Here’s how Onemold is your Right choice


The Experts

Onemold has established strategic alliances with top-tier tool makers renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. We meticulously evaluate and select mold makers based on their expertise, experience, and track record. We scrutinize their capabilities and review their past projects to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that the moldmakers who make your molds are experts in those type of molds.


The Experience

With three decades of experience in the plastic industry, Onemold stands as a testament to excellence. Our vast experience has given us the ability to choose the right partner for your project and give you the most optimised solution. Our global network of customers in more than 30 countries is a testament to our hard work.


The Exclusive Pricing

Due to our long-term collaborations and regular projects with our partners we enjoy special pricing benefits which we extend to our customers. This gives you a unique advantage of reduced capital costs for better mold quality at lower than market rates.

How our mold is superior? Quality

We make molds with the aim of increasing profit of our customers. This involves several considerations and strategies. Here are the reasons our mold design and construction contribute to your profitability:

Enhanced part quality

We ensure consistent and high-quality parts. This reduces the likelihood of defects, rejections, and the need for rework or scrap. Improved part quality leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased demand, and potentially higher pricing, all of which can positively impact profitability.

Longer mold lifespan

Our molds are durable and well-built with top quality steel that result in a longer lifespan. Our mold lasts for a greater number of production cycles reduces the need for frequent mold replacements or repairs, saving costs in the long run. It also minimizes production interruptions and associated downtime, leading to higher productivity and profitability.

Minimised maintenance and downtime

Our effective mold design simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces downtime. By incorporating features such as easily accessible components, standardized parts, and simplified maintenance processes, our customers minimize the time and effort required for mold maintenance or repairs. This translates to increased production uptime, higher productivity, and improved profitability.

Cost effective Production

Careful mold design considerations by our engineers, such as optimizing gating and runner systems, help minimize material waste and scrap. Efficient filling and cooling techniques, as well as proper venting, reduce the occurrence of defects, improving the overall yield of acceptable parts. By reducing waste and scrap, our customers maximize material utilization and lower production costs, positively impacting profitability.

Collaboration and Optimisation

We believe in robust collaboration between mold designers, manufacturers, and end-users that help identify opportunities for mold optimization. By working closely with all stakeholders, we gather valuable insights and feedback to refine the mold design, enhance production efficiency, and reduce costs. This collaborative approach fosters continuous improvement, leading to increased profitability over time.

Our goal is to achieve a balance between cost optimization, production efficiency, and high-quality output, delivered to you on time.

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High precision

About Onemold

Onemold is your single, reliable window for the manufacture of customized injection and blow molds from China. Onemold was established by Bonhomie Plastics Pvt Ltd a professionally managed private company founded in 1986. Consistently providing solutions for high quality mold tooling Onemold has developed satisfied customers in over 30 countries in the last few decades. The company has built its reputation and credibility through consistent delivery of quality, innovation and value over 30+ years.

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Trust Built through years

Global network of satisfied customers across various countries

I was introduced to Onemold in 2010 and since then I have been regularly buying Injection molds from Onemold. They are very professional in their projects and I am very satisfied with the quality and timely service.
I have been regular purchasing molds from Onemold since last 8 years and 3 years ago I placed orders for new molds. They not only did fantastic job for designing the product but delivering very well designed furniture molds. The molds are still running without any glitches. Thank you, I certainly recommend Onemold for making injection molds
We regularly buy our injection moldsfor Houseware products from Onemold and the results are always outstanding. No flash and a very smooth parting lines. Our production is running well and I wish them the best always. Keep it up!
Onemold has been our No 1 trusted supplier since 2001, delivering high quality injection molds at a competitive cost for our logistics and packaging products. They are our first choice for Injection mold production in Asia
South Africa
Onemold's mold team are familiar with the latest molding technology for achieving fast cycle times and the use of different raw materials for better productivity. We are very happy with their execution of our molds. Thanks Onemold and best wishes
I understood the value of getting professional service after interacting with Onemold. I purchased many molds from them since last ten years and I do not have to worry about travelling to China and looking for new factories for my projects. Onemold’s professionalism and quality of work is admirable. Thank you Onemold
I have been regularly buying molds for various Houseware and Gardenware products for my business and Onemold is certainly the right choice for us. They always meet our timelines and I do not have to worry about shipment and mold trials for my projects. My trust in Onemold has grown. Wish you best of luck team Onemold
Great quality work and excellent communication at every stage is why I chose to work with Onemold. In the first discussion itself I felt the team was very organised and my requirement was understood very well. I am happy with their work and I will continue my business relations with them.

Our Process

Our streamlined process is designed to ensure efficiency and precision every step of the way. From initial consultation to final delivery, we are committed to providing you with top-quality molds that exceed your expectations.


Upload drawings/photos

Upload your part drawings or sample photos with dimensions and answer our basic questions.


Consultation and quotation

We analyse the details and get in touch with you for consultation. After finalizing details, we prepare our quotation.


Invoicing & Advance payment

On finalizing quotation, Proforma Invoice is generated for advance payment. Project commences on receipt of the payment.


Product and mold drawings (2D/3D) approval

Product and mold drawings are sent to you for analysis and approval. Modifications can be suggested at this stage.


Tooling starts with regular updates

On approval of drawings, we buy steel and begin tooling with a keen observation of every detail.


Mold trials and Sample Approval

Molds are assembled and tested by our engineers. Videos and samples will be sent to you for approval.


Balance payment and Mold shipment

On approval of samples and balance payment, mold will undergo a detailed check, before getting packed and shipped to you.

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