About Onemold

Onemold is your trusted provider for custom injection and blow molds. Based in Mumbai, India, with additional operations in China, we’re consistently expanding our global reach.

With years of broad experience across different plastic product categories, we collaborate with expert partners who specialize in designing specific injection molds or blow molds. This teamwork approach ensures we deliver top-quality results efficiently and affordably to plastic manufacturers worldwide.

Some of the industries we serve are high precision molds, packaging molds, industrial molds, houseware molds, furniture molds, medical molds, molds for electrical appliances, molds for automobile parts and cosmetic molds.

Over the past few decades, Onemold has gained satisfied customers in over 30 countries. Our reputation for quality, innovation, and value has been built on over 30 years of consistent excellence.

What drives Onemold?

Passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to exceptional quality.

Experienced Excellence

Our team's 20+ years of plastic industry expertise, we drive unparalleled mold quality and innovation.

Customized Mold Mastery

What drives us is the art of crafting precise, customized molds that seamlessly fit your unique product needs, ensuring your success.

Our Global Footprint

With molds exported to over 30 countries, we're driven by a global perspective, providing top-quality solutions that transcend borders.

Quality Assurance, Always

Driven by unwavering commitment, we exceed quality expectations to boost your productivity.

Our Mission

Onemold's mission is to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking customized injection and blow molds. We provide tailored solutions to enhance productivity and quality, leveraging over 30 years of expertise, while always striving to exceed expectations.

Our Vision

Onemold's vision is to attain global leadership in mold and die making, renowned for excellence, innovation, and value. We foresee a future where our high-quality molds set industry standards, delivering exceptional quality and cost-effective solutions, ensuring clients' unparalleled success.

We Understand Quality

Exceeding Expectations - Onemold guarantees exceptional quality, innovation, and productivity enhancements.

Our Expertise

Crafting Diverse Molds - Onemold's expertise spans various molds, offering tailored solutions for your industry.

Trust & Assurance

Your Dedicated Partner - Onemold offers personalized service, quality molds, and affordability, ensuring your project's success.

Our Team

20+ Years of Expertise - Onemold's experienced team delivers premium mold design worldwide, budget-friendly.

Our Reach

Exporting Excellence - Onemold delivers molds globally, serving East and South Africa, Central Europe, and Latin America.


Global Reach, Local Excellence - Onemold serves you worldwide with offices in Mumbai, India, and Taizhou Huangyan, China, along with South American presence.

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