At Onemold we believe in working along with the customer right from product finalisation stage to production stage. The stages of our work flow is given below:

Sending Request

You may Upload your product details with relevant photos or drawings here. In case of any specific inquiry you may also Contact Us.


We offer our customers the service of making prototype design and prototype development. Normally, a simple prototype developing takes 7 working days. Prototypes help our customers in new product development and this helps them save costs in new projects.

Product Design & New Idea Development

Please submit your inquiry by filling our contact us form or selecting the product of your interest and sending request.

Part Design

At ONEMOLD we work with a team of well trained experienced designers for designing new parts/ articles as per the customer’s requirements. For this we require rough sketches along with dimensional measures or samples to prepare 2d and 3d drawings before planning the Mold designs.

Mold Designs

Once the part drawings are confirmed our engineers work out a customised solution after studying the product material, Mold flow, desired strength of the article, weights and the desired production. The steel, Mold structure, relevant Mold design is planned and verified with the customer after which the Mold drawings and assembly drawings are prepared. With advanced CAD/CAM/CAE systems such as Pro-Engineer, Solid works, Unigraphics, Master CAM, Mold Flow, Auto CAD, in mold design we can offer drawings in latest formats. Usually we require 3 working days for providing the Mold drawings for approval.

Mold Manufacturing

Once the Mold drawings are confirmed we strive for achieving high quality standards and reliable molds meant for high volumes of production with minimum maintenance required. With rich experience in developing various kinds of molds for a wide range of products we make accurate calculations keeping the costs as low as possible for our customers. We are familiar with hot runner systems such as Yudo and DME which assist in avoiding runners, reducing cycle times and maintaining the consistency in the Mold during continuous production.

Mold Trials – Quality & Inspection

For most of our molds we require 60 days for Mold manufacturing after which we conduct first trials before the molds go into analysis of the desired product, finishing, polishing, chrome plating and then for inspection. We conduct at least 3 trials before the molds are packed for shipment. Our Mold trials are conducted under supervision of experienced technical personnel who strive to avoid poor quality being passed on to the next stage of improvements. We also encourage our customers to visit the trials for their satisfaction. Our molds are well painted, greased, Packed perfectly in the factory after which special care is taken for handling, storage and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction of their orders from first stage to final despatch.

Types of inspections generally offered

  • Initial Production Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Final Random Inspection
  • Container Loading Check
  • Factory Check

Spare Parts

Our customer after-sales service includes prompt delivery of spare parts at extra cost. We protect all the drawings of the spare parts for customers future use, and offer quantity of spare parts on the quotation itself. For standard spare parts, you can refer to our list and also can purchase from your end.

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